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Teacher and Tech - Music Nov 1, 2012

Are video games preparing our kids adequately for a post-apocalyptic world?

Last Presentation -Laura/Kati/Jordanna   --- comments

Exam Questions ???

Meta-Teachnition Part 3 - SMART Boards
- only one person can touch the board at a time
- what is the best use?
- can we get beyond low level skills
- what are the higher levels of thinking in music anyway?

Important Ideas #21 - 25

Comments on Food, Inc excerpt ?? - a counter argument to bigger is better, faster is better, efficiency is better.

Assign 3 - main idea sharing - find the people who also worked on your topic (if there are any) and come up with the three main points we should all know. Share them with us all.

From the RWL
Pick any three (text or video) of these (or other) articles/videos (check the video tab) that promote technology in the music classroom - for those of you in the EY stream check the PDF that is the first item listed. These are not here to convince you that you should use tech, but to get you some perspectives of what some others are thinking.
Take notes and come to class ready to comment on / critique these.

Video games can teach important skills!

40 Quick ways to use mobile devices in your classroom

Course evaluation

Next Class
Summaries- yes you still have more to learn!!
Exam review - how many of you will want ot use the lab??
Lab ??

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