Thursday, November 1, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Nov. 2, 2012

Presentation -   Lacey W/Martha M/John B/Thy T - Comments

Exam Questions ???

Environment  and the Tech Influence - Food, Inc excerpt

Important Ideas # 21 - 25

Assign 3 - main idea sharing - find the people who also worked on your topic (if there are any) and come up with the three main points we should all know. Share them with us all.

Video games can teach important skills!

40 Quick ways to use mobile devices in your classroom

More on AAC Devices

OARC wiki of apps - iTouch For Special Needs Apps
The Sound of Learning - Edutopia
Enabling Dreams - Edutopia - search for others
Assistive Music Tech Lab
The AAC Workshop Band

Course Evaluation !!!!

Next Class

Presentation - Matt/Amy/Lindsey/Nick J/ Matt G
Course Review

Survey Monkey - free online surveys.
PollEveryWhere - text in surveys

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