Monday, October 22, 2012

Teacher and Tech - Music Oct 23, 2012

Meta-Teachnition Part 2 - keep a mental note of the sites that you regularly visit which are not related to your school work or job. This could be by looking at the ones in your Bookmark bar, or the ones that you need to check daily or pretty close to daily, and perhaps, if you have some that you check weekly. Provide a brief explanation of why you choose those sites, and if you are willing list them. Due: Today, 2012 in D2L

Important Ideas #16 & 17

Turkle - Are kids building up walls or just creating ‘safer’ places for themselves?

How does tech run us?
Runaway Train - A short film (and animator’s comments) about how we unthinkingly race to our own destruction: and by Winnipeg animator - Cordell Barker

Action Break - we are starting a U of M art wiki and you are to go out and take pictures of art around the campus and learn as much as you can about it and post this to the wiki. You have 20 minutes to start this project today - statues, paintings, gargoyles, stained glass, wood carving, etc. Also figure out among you how to organize the wiki.


Coltan Mining - TED talk Cell Phones and Mining
x find other info about coltan mining
SNL Video - iPhone 5 complaints
Food, Inc excerpt (an argument against ‘progress’ as we generally see it)
Environment  - 60 Minutes documentary
Ethical Reyclers
The Story Of Electronics and Electronics TakeBack Coalition websites present ideas about how to turn the tragedy around, thankfully. No more “Designed for the Dump”?

Assign 3 - main idea sharing - find the people who also worked on your topic (if there are any) and come up with the three main points we should all know. Share them with us all.

RWL for Oct. 30
Pick any three (text or video) of these (or other) articles/videos (check the video tab) that promote technology in the music classroom - for those of you in the EY stream check the PDF that is the first item listed. These are not here to convince you that you should use tech, but to get you some perspectives of what some others are thinking.
Take notes and come to class ready to comment / critique on these.

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