Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Oct 12, 2012

NEXT CLASS is MONDAY (Yes you are supposed to go to SAGE!!)

Meta-Teachnition Assignment #1 - comments now that you are done?

Presentations -  - to make comments on the presentations

  • Thisaru N/Scott P/Amy H

How to do Assign 3 references
  • Regular APA references page BUT divided into categories for text (web and print), images, audio, video and whatever else you might use.
  • ALSO - wherever possible put links directly into your text references, images, video, etc.

Important Ideas # 12 and 13

McLuhan - “We shape your tools and then they shape us.”
“We are always living way ahead of our thinking”
Winston Churchill - “We shape our buildings and then they shape us”
Research of the Future (start at 1:07)

x McLuhan tetrads - open this on your device and with 2 or 3 others try and guess at the answers (before looking) and be ready to try and explain the concept.

Turkle - what were the main ideas / examples that stuck with you? Is ‘live’ conversation really that scary?

Next Class
Environment  - 60 Minutes documentary

Read/Watch/Listen list for Oct 15

Technology and Society

Environmental Issues
Web sites
Wiki on Cell Phone manufacture and disposal - multiple pages with text, images and video
Choosing environmentally ok devices and EPEAT
This is from "Can the Story of Electronics Ever End Happily Ever After":
Privacy Game (goes with the cartoon from last time)

TED talk on Cell Phones and Mining
Garbage/Recycling Report
Videos of waste dumping in other countries
The Story of Electronics - See comments/solutions at the very bottom of this post.

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