Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SmartBoard and ESL - Resources

ESL Smartboard session
Writing names and indicating SB Experience

A Smart lesson on how to teach ESL??

Making Lessons
 SB Start-up, orient, Smart tools (look - no SmartBorad required - just the Notebook software)
Using the SB - pages, menus, panels, writing, Galleries, importing images and video (FLV format)
Using Flash elements

Sample Lessons
Trying sample lessons

It doesn't have to be all in Smart Notebook - you can manipulate any software from the board - trying the tools.

Finding lessons

Here are some links to ESL Smartboard resources.

Interesting Things for ESL

Activities for ESL Students

Smart Exchange - ESL

Youtube search

Adult Education Matters site

SmartBoard tools video

5 Tips and Tricks for the SB

from Mrs Hurley's list:

ESL Gold Picture Dictionary