Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teacher and Tech - Music Oct 18, 2012

Christina B/Krista J/Ryan M - Comments!!

Eva Clare Hall for playing with Sound Boards

Meta-Teachnition Part 2 - keep a mental note of the sites that you regularly visit which are not related to your school work or job. This could be by looking at the ones in your Bookmark bar, or the ones that you need to check daily or pretty close to daily, and perhaps, if you have some that you check weekly. Provide a brief explanation of why you choose those sites, and if you are willing list them. Due: Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 in D2L

Music apps - ?

Turkle - Are kids building up walls or just creating ‘safer’ places for themselves?

Food, Inc (an argument against ‘progress’)
Environment  - 60 Minutes documentary

NO RWL this week - finish your projects!
We will deal with environmental issues next week.

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