Technology Critiques

7450 Seminar in Educational Technology

September 13, 2011


Video - Change causes problems - Tech support in the middle ages
Intros -
  • name,
  • the thing that consumes most of your time now,
  • interest in the course (least worst option is ok),
  • interest in the course (if any)
  • interesting fact about you
Course Overview
Class expectations
- come prepared - read/watch/listen and reflect so you can contribute
- do your weekly writing commentary
Course Outline - our web spaces and the wiki and the files that are there.
Assignment choices - work hard, but make it worth your while. Feel free to suggest alternatives.

Ponder this for w minute or two: How do you decide if a K-12 education has been worthwhile? Does it make a difference if you are thinking about your own child?

What is technology and how do we judge its effects (intended or otherwise)?

What is Educational Technology, Anyway? (Hlynka and Jacobsen)
- will this help or hinder our pursuit?

We will come at the ideas from a number of perspectives:
  • philosophers
  • brain researchers
  • the influence of language
  • psycho-social researchers
Perspective/Bias starter:
video excerpt - The Gods Must Be Crazy! Understanding disruptive technology and ourselves
  • What is the ‘bias’ of the bush people? In other words what are their critical values?
  • What is your bias (ie. what is your background, experience, learning preference, risk management, greatest fear)
  • What is our societal bias?
  • Who do we listen to regarding ed tech? (philosophers, upper admin, ‘salespeople’, ‘evangelists’ or vested interest groups?, passionate early-adopting educators;
The ‘Death’ of newspapers - Hamlet’s Blackberry (PDF)

The Seductiveness of Upcoming Technology - part of a Future Interfaces presentation

Next week:
More consideration/critique of the socio-cultural individual - Read Redekopp's Dissertation Excerpts please
Denis Hlynka on McLuhan

Some critiques and references related to technology.

Darren Barney
Jerry Mander
Martin Heidegger
Marshall McLuhan
Chet Bowers