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Teacher and Technology - Oct 17, 2012

Deadlines ?

Make a poster about a specific topic in your subject area.
Glogster -

Presentation -  
Elizabeth Ginther/Caitlin Parr - comments at TodaysMeet
Shirley E/Tyler Z - comments at TodaysMeet

Meta-Teachnition Part 2 - keep a mental note of the sites that you regularly visit which are not related to your school work or job. This could be by looking at the ones in your Bookmark bar, or the ones that you need to check daily or pretty close to daily, and perhaps, if you have some that you check weekly. Provide a brief explanation of why you choose those sites, and if you are willing list them. Due: Wednesday Oct 24, 2012 in D2L
How to do Assign 3 references
  • Regular APA references page BUT divided into categories for text (web and print), images, audio, video and whatever else you might use.
  • ALSO - wherever possible put links directly into your text references, images, video, etc.

SNL iPhone Complaints (1st world problems)

Sherry Turkle - is it ‘walls’ that kids are creating or are they open to say things that they otherwise wouldn’t?

Food, Inc excerpt
Runaway Train - Two short films about how we unthinkingly race to our own destruction: http://bit.ly/aolDpu and http://bit.ly/rcQAXT by Winnipeg animator - Cordell Barker

The Story Of Electronics and Electronics TakeBack Coalition websites present ideas about how to turn the tragedy around, thankfully.
Kyle suggests:
Asking manufacturers to design and make more recyclable, longer lasting, non-toxic products
Sponsoring or participating in design competitions (like this one) that encourage sustainable innovation
When they’re spent, taking electronics to E-Stewards, recyclers that promise not to export them
Supporting legislation that would curb exports of toxic e-waste, at the moment the U.S. HR 6252
Buying from companies that take back electronics when they are broken or obsolete, to dispose of them responsibly

important Ideas 14 & 15

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