Monday, October 29, 2012

Teacher and Tech - Music Oct 30, 2012

Mr Bean and the Invisible Drum Kit


More Comments for Lori from OARC would be appreciated - Assistive Technologies

Action - clean up U of M art wiki Figure out among you how to organize the wiki. Then make a VoiceThread with a couple of other people to highlight a grouping of images. You each need to make a comment on each image that you incorporate into your VT.

Rubistar - for some help with rubrics (thanks Janna!)


Meta-Teachnition Part 3 - SMART Boards - what have you noticed about our use of the SMART Board for presentations. What was most effective and what was least effective? What are your current comfort levels. Do you see it as an effective part of your abilities or will you leave well enough alone? Due: today in D2L

Presentation - Janna/Helen/Michal  --- comments

Important Ideas #21 & 22

Food, Inc excerpt - a counter argument to bigger is better, faster is better, efficiency is better.

Assign 3 - main idea sharing - find the people who also worked on your topic (if there are any) and come up with the three main points we should all know. Share them with us all.

Video games can teach important skills!

40 Quick ways to use mobile devices in your classroom

Next Class
Presentation - Laura/Kati/Jordanna

RWL for Oct. 30
Pick any three (text or video) of these (or other) articles/videos (check the video tab) that promote technology in the music classroom - for those of you in the EY stream check the PDF that is the first item listed. These are not here to convince you that you should use tech, but to get you some perspectives of what some others are thinking.
Take notes and come to class ready to comment / critique on these.

Survey Monkey - free online surveys.
PollEveryWhere - text in surveys

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