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Teacher and Tech - Music Oct 16, 2012


Choose one of the following to create a product that expresses your notions of what kind of teacher you will be, or to make the sound track for the animation we saw in the presentation last week (there is a cost to the apps, but have a look at what they can do):
BeatSurfing Music App
VJay App - mix and master music videos on your iPad
Glogster - posters with sound, video, text, images, .....
Garageband - multi-track recording


Class Survey - thanks for the comments.
Thursday is in Eva Clare again BUT should we do the presentation first? You need to think ahead of time of some nice rounds or canons to sing while people play with the controls (with Joel and Janna helping figure it our)

Meta-Teachnition Part 2 - keep a mental note of the sites that you regularly visit which are not related to your school work or job. This could be by looking at the ones in your Bookmark bar, or the ones that you need to check daily or pretty close to daily, and perhaps, if you have some that you check weekly. Provide a brief explanation of why you choose those sites, and if you are willing list them. Due: Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 in D2L

Responding to your BYOD comments - what should the rules be? Check the following comments and others on D2L. In groups of three come up with some ideas and post them on polleverywhere please.

So the important thing then is to be able to engage students so that they don’t feel the need to resort to playing games on their device.” Thanks to Mitchell

However, I have noticed the influence of the devices on those around me.  I often notice my peers playing games, checking their e-mail or doing other unimportant and unrelated things. “ Thanks to Laura

I wouldn’t mind if a student looks at their phone during class, but I would make sure students understand that they need to grasp the concepts I’m teaching” Thanks to Helen

“I now realize, after looking back on what I just wrote, that technology impacts HOW we do these things and not the actual things themselves... but maybe, like what was discussed in class today, the how we do things makes up most of what we actually care about.” Thanks to Joel

A boring lecture is still a boring lecture no matter what I have in front of me, and if I did not have a computer to play cards on I would just be doodling on my paper.” Thanks to Stephanie

Important Ideas # 14 and 15

Music apps - the above ones and more?

Turkle - Are kids building up walls or just creating ‘safer’ places for themselves?

Food, Inc (an argument against ‘progress’)
Environment  - 60 Minutes documentary

Read/Watch/Listen list for Oct 18

Technology and Society

Environmental Issues
Web sites
Wiki on Cell Phone manufacture and disposal - multiple pages with text, images and video
Choosing environmentally ok devices and EPEAT
This is from "Can the Story of Electronics Ever End Happily Ever After":
Privacy Game (goes with the cartoon from last time)

TED talk on Cell Phones and Mining
Garbage/Recycling Report
Videos of waste dumping in other countries
The Story of Electronics - See comments/solutions at the very bottom of this post.

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