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Teacher and Technology - Oct 15, 2012

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Meta-Teachnition Part 2 - keep a mental or physical note of the sites that you regularly visit which are not related to your school work or job. This could be by looking at the ones in your Bookmark bar, or the ones that you need to check daily or pretty close to daily, and perhaps, if you have some that you check weekly. Provide a brief explanation of why you choose those sites, and if you are willing list them. Due: Wednesday Oct 24, 2012 in D2L

Responding to your BYOD comments - what should the rules be? Check the following comments and others on D2L. In groups of three come up with some ideas and post them on polleverywhere please.

So, in closure, I pose the question: how can we integrate technology into the classroom in a way that is both feasible and relevant? How do we ensure that every student has the means of acquiring a device, and that we as teachers, make their purchase worthwhile?” - Thanks to Jeremy for this!

“but am not totally sure whether students would be able to develop that control unless short specific tasks such as polls and short quizzes are used.” Thanks Nick!

I believe that for BYOD to work in my classroom I would have to give it a purpose and allocate time for its use.’ Thanks to Martha!

Therefore, it would be our jobs to make sure that we create lessons and activities that encourage proper use of this technology” Thanks to Tahnee!

also if there is something I am not sure about in a lesson, having my own device and being able to look into that question right away without disturbing the rest of the class has had huge benefits for me.” Thanks to Amy J for speaking out!

I believe the distraction is always going to be there, and the distraction is manageable and can be regulated in the classroom. Talk about the issue on the first day of class, bring students into the conversation, and make your own rules. Treat your students like intelligent beings; they are capable of reason.” Thanks Lindsey for speaking out!

Sherry Turkle reprise- is it ‘walls’ that kids are creating or are they open to say things that they otherwise wouldn’t?

Environment  - 60 Minutes documentary
Food, Inc excerpt
Runaway Train - Two short films about how we unthinkingly race to our own destruction: and by Winnipeg animator - Cordell Barker

Runaway Making of: Animator Cordell Barker by Cordell Barker, National Film Board of Canada

The Story Of Electronics and Electronics TakeBack Coalition websites present ideas about how to turn the tragedy around, thankfully.
Kyle suggests:

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