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TandT Jan/Feb 09

Check your marks on WebCT

Add your link to the teacherandtech wiki - make it public and share your work.

Facebook Schemes/Scams

Online evaluation


A35 Steph and Vhana, Shane and Steve, Garren/Rob, Viki, Kyle and Albert

A13 Merina, Fatima and Maneesha, Rhythm Games in the classroom Stacey, Nicole, and Sheryl

A14 Sheldon, Tim and Nancy- Google Earth Jay and Roman

A16 Graham S/ Sarah / Nathan Laura Jane/Nedra

The New Digital Divide: Overcoming Online Segregation - a church perspective from Sojourner's Magazine. Lest you think this is a 'church' issue only, see the fourth paragraph about Facebook/MySpace connections which is applicable to any community situation.

Exam Questions - do you want to be creative (ex. xtranormal or Sketchup?) or do you have a better question?

Important Ideas


Paper evaluation

Lab is on Tuesday for A35 and A13

Google Earth Literature trips

Google Sketchup

Exam questions are on the wiki now.


Paper evaluations



Heather, Carla and Shaun

Garren & Rob

Serena G & Crystal M

Arlen/Kim/Trevor -Google Earth

TJ, Torey, and Bruce

-Garrett and Nathan


-Francine and Sarah

Ryan / Andrew / Jamie

Ginelle & Thiaya

Luke/Corey/Kyle Google Earth



1. Karly and Vanessa

2. Viki, Kyle and Albert


Jarett & Patrick


Michelle and Tara

-Dana, Rick & Craig (Phys. Ed.)

- Corey & Jason H


Madeline & Kiersten

Damian/Quinn/Tom (smartboard)

Important Ideas

Questions about the exam
Photostory and other creation/presentation programs.

Choose one of the Six Word Short Stories and create a movie, animation, 3d character play, podcast, drawing, or ... Working with a partner may help so you have two computers to do your research. You have 20 minutes. Make sure the software works on your computer before you choose what to do.

Movie - iMovie or Moviemaker
Podcast - Garageband or Audacity
3D Character Play - xtranormal
Animation - Jing Download - record on-screen video or snapshots or Flowgram
Drawing - Photoshop or Sumopaint

Guides to Screencasting, Skype, Digital Storytelling, Differentiated instruction and more.

More Fake Website Examples, can you spot the problems/inaccuracies? (thanks to Lindsay) Take a look at the website to see if this would be a place you would like to visit.

"Mankato, Minnesota is truly a wonderland. Tucked into the Emerald Green Valley in Southern Minnesota, it is the hidden vacation Mecca of scores of knowing Midwesterners. Mankato has everything thanks to a freak of nature: the Sclare/Far Fissure. This fissure in the earth's crust takes water seeping through the earth, heats it to well over 165 degrees, and sends it back up to the surface in steam pits and boil holes. The heat from these pits and holes heats the valley air to such an extent that the winter temperature in many Mankato neighborhoods has never dropped below a balmy 70 degrees!!!! Come enjoy our winters! Let's "Make It Mankato" ! !

We are real, we are warm and we would love to see you!"

Most people who go to this website will realize that it is exaggerated and correctly conclude that it is not true (Descy, 2008). Unfortunately, not everyone draws the same conclusion. Rosaura Prada of Texas brought her mother to visit Mankato and stood in tears when she realized it did not exist (Descy, 2008). If we do not educate students how to really think about websites they are viewing we risk having students blindly accept everything they read online.


Brooke, Kelsey, Rose

Krystal, Patti-Jo, Candace

Jesse (Science-Probeware or Historical Vignettes)

Graham Moore/ Jesse Beach - Proper stapler use for optimal paper fastenage

Tracy/Kat - Storyboarding

Jennie / Beth

Erica, Mercede, Nathan/Adam

Advise vs Advice and Cited vs Sited and the use of apostrophes ''' (its vs it's)

The office stapler NOT the office's stapler (inanimate objects don't possess anything)

Why is Facebook (and other sites) free?

x Check out this video or Nathan's about social networks and privacy. (Thanks Sheryl) and Nathan

More on the Facebook EULA - thanks Jay!


Victoria and Janice

Stephanie, Victoria and Elise - iClickers

Adrienne and Kathy

Laurel, Caitlin and Jenn

Mitch, Mark and Matt

Copyright and the Teacher - Mandy's slides ---> only for A16 and A18 (got up to Access Copyright)

Important Ideas

Documentary samples

Are You Paying Attention?

A hate site shut down. (Thanks Nancy)

Studeous - an alternative to Facebook groups ????
to enroll in my course the password is a famous uofm alumnus
Do the sample test after you get into the right section

Presentations - you or student

Creative Commons - to get copyright free stuff

Text to speech movies - to force the script writing issue.

Jing Download - record on-screen video or snapshots.


Ratings of Web 2 sites ???

A13 A14 A16 A18
Feb 12/13

Lucy and Jeanette "How to

Geocache" (GPS technology)

Sherise, Linda, Karen - Online communication(blogs)

Lynn K/ Laura F/Tiffany D


Luke/Corey/Kyle Google Earth



Copyright and the Teacher - Mandy's slides ---> only for A16 and A18 (got up to Access Copyright)

Smartboard request ???? Who wanted to us eone?

Making a rubric for Assign 2


A13 Lindsay/Terese/Anne A14 Laurie Anne/ Jason/Rachel


A18 Trevor/ Jason

Reid/Tyler (math games)

Copyright and the Teacher - Mandy's slides

WebAware - Top 100 Web 2 sites for 2008


Dave Eggers - Once Upon A School

Richard Baraniuk - open source learning

More McLuhan stuff (I know you needed this) - Leadership U,

Lab 5

Teacher Tools

discussion forums (WebCT) - find the link to discussions on teh left menu and then add to either "Once you mark it the learning stops" OR "Skuls R kiling CrEaTiViTy" OR both

Wikipedia - not always reliable (Sasquatch)

The following ia from wikipedia.doc - thanks Mallory:

With luck the students will learn:

  • how easy it is to mount information on Wikipedia
  • that anybody, not just experts, can add information to Wikipedia
  • that there are other sources of information more reliable than that on Wikipedia.
  • that information on Wikipedia is subject to change given new research
  • that Wikipedia is socially constructed and edited
  • the importance of individual contribution to the knowledge of the world
  • the need for ethical creation and use of information
  • that _plagiarism _is_ easily _identifiable
  • the need to cite information sources used to construct the article

Class Wikis

Collaboration - docs, wikis, skrbl

Hot Potatoes - sample

Survey Monkey - A35 , A13 , A14 , A16 , A18

Student Presentation - Basic

Piknik - photo editing

Sumopaint - painting

Photostory - free PC pictures to movies (iPhoto on Macs)

Class Time

Sir Ken Robinson follow-up (except for A14?). Are Schools Killing Creativity and what are you going to do about it?

Multi-Touch screen - Jeff Han

iTunes U

Useful education tools list from Mark W

November Learning Resources

NL "Sites for Validation" - note the MLK site is included here with a proviso.

More Fake Websites (thanks to Arlen)

Important Ideas - 9 and 10

Video, etc - the new 'essay' - think about LwICT presentation

Beginning Assessment - starting with your own assignments.

- rubrics redux - know when to throw it away. Leave yourself some wiggle room.
- marking according to Bloom?

  • Knows and Comprehends - m/c, fill in blank, one answer, etc
  • Analyze and Apply - rework old data?
  • Synthesize and Evaluate - create new learning?

- choose carefully what you want to mark. "Once you mark it, the learning stops"
- strategies for marking

BitTorrent (adult ads - teach them to discriminate)

Ken Robinson - Creativity in Schools

Dave Eggers - Once Upon A School

Richard Baraniuk - open source learning

Copyright and the Teacher - Mandy's slides

More McLuhan stuff (I knew you needed this) - Leadership U,

U of M Library - resources and how-to

Tomorrow's news today - bias / perspective

Bias/discrimination - MLK

Free online Concept Mapping -,

Garageband / Audacity

Sounds Effects and Loops - Stonewashed, A1FreeSoundEffects, PacDV

Wikipedia , iTunes U

Please finish the NETS test by Monday Feb. 9


Important Ideas




More McLuhan stuff - Leadership U,

Searching beyond google

Note: File sharing is possible at (PC, Mac or Linux) if you don't want to use Google Docs or other alternatives.

When Youtube is blocked (eight ways around it) also works

VLC = a tiny app for Mac or PC that plays just about any video format. Keep a copy on your USB stick

A long list of Web 2 tools for you and your students from SolutionWatch

New Search Engine - Cuil with summaries of each site.

Twenty Things Student Teachers Should Know

LwICT with John Finch from MECY

Senior Years ICT Courses

Free online Concept Mapping -,

When Youtube is blocked (eight ways around it) also works

VLC = a tiny app for Mac or PC that plays just about any video format. Keep a copy on your USB stick

A long list of Web 2 tools for you and your students from SolutionWatch

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