Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Internet Pedagogy Sept 16 09

Internet Pedagogy - Sept. 16 09

Welcome (Break at 6:55 or sooner)

1) R Redekopp

2) Intros – real people - Who are you, where do you teach, what do you teach, why are you here (least-worst option?) ?
        - Pictures!! Put your name on a piece of paper - nice and dark and legible please.

3) Course Outline and assignments - Choose your own deadlines!! You cannot do everything at the end.

4) What are we going to do here?
Practical - what's out there and how do I use it?
Theoretical - how is this 'revolution' effecting us and our students (the supposed Digital Natives)?

Scrolls to Books- the practical
McLuhan Overview - roddy99 on YouTube

 For next class:

Read Don Tapscott Grown Up Digital excerpt - found on the bottom of the page.

Read one of the articles or reviews of the The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein.
Listen to an interview on PBS with both Tapscott and Bauerlein

or TVO with Gary Small and Don Tapscott - click on the Your Brain on Tech tab if necessary

Lab Time

1) Claim your U of M ID (if you haven't already)

2) Create a account --- so we can try a bunch of tools
2b) Using tabs to browse and have many things open at once.

3a) Course Outline -

3b) Add your email to join

3c) The class social network - no, not facebook! Check this one out - you are welcome to join or we can create one just for this class.

4) Check out

5) Log in to Angel (course outline web)

6) Check the class blog

7) Blogs, wikis and RSS - what, why and what's the difference?

8) Create a blog

9) Create a google doc or presentation and share it.

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