Thursday, September 17, 2009

A15 Sept 18

-1) You can sign up for Assign 1 topics on the wiki

0) Extra lab help for Powerpoint, blogs and wikis. WHEN ???? (8:30? 3:00? Saturday or Monday?)

1) Assignment 1 Q and A Let's make a rubric!

2) Powerpoint - tips

- Ezeter
- Garr Reynolds
- Microsoft Do's and Don'ts

3) Is this the Dumbest Generation? Comments on the readings/listenings. 
                 Summarize your ideas to one other person on your side of the question.
                 Your pair then SHARE (not convince) your ideas with a pair form teh other side of the question.

4) Important Ideas

Discussion summary

In favour of the opinion that the "digital natives" are stoopid:
  • Decrease in literacy
  • Information used less frequently
  • Technologies distract from better uses of time
  • Decrease in critical thinking
  • The generation has become reliant on technology to complete simple tasks (spelling, calculating)
  • Socially stupid
  • Lower attention spans, interest, and motivation
  • Ain't got good grammar skillz

Against said opinion:
  • Easier access to information
  • Use of different media for reading (e.g. online)
  • Using technology in a technology-based society is beneficial
  • Work can be done faster
  • Greater ability to multitask/time-manage
  • It is not that the generation is stupid, but rather that they learn in a different manner
  • It is not a matter of stupidity, but instead that different skills have been acquired
  • btw vote 4 jason??? :)

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