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T and T WC Sept 2008


Tomorrow's news today!! (search Philippines english newspapers)
- how do you tell what's good?
- how can you tell the bias?
- what's news for them?

Sharing and publishing docs (sharing can be fun and scary)

Should we go on a Picnik??? ( for photo editing)


Questions / Assignments ?? See me if you want to 'revise' assignment 1

Deadlines please... Assignment 1 - Oct 29 ??? and Assign 2 we passed around a sign-up sheet for presentations

Important Ideas- Make contact with each student every class, and Communication is mainly non-verbal

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

How do we deal with this in ourselves and students?

See the presentation

Lab -We worked on our wiki ( creating pages, adding content to them, and updating the sidebar. Part of adding the content was inserting plugins for video, recent users and other cool things.

We also started playing with Google docs and created a presentation to see how it worked. It really is a stripped down version of Powerpoint).

The class decided not to take the break and just to finish earlier.

Class stuff - Rennie talked about some important ideas in teaching (You are not like them, manage your own supervision, and Wizard of Oz).

We then looked at some Frameworks in which to place technology in education.

You can see the presentation here:

Please read for next class - Is Google Making Us Stupid?

First Class

We started in the lab getting our U of M ID's (or realizing we have to go to reset our passwords).

log in to WebCT (course outline web)

The BIG question is whether you want to set your own deadlines or not.

We also created google accounts so we could experiment with (try setting these up on your own if you want or come early to next class):

Gmail (if you want to use it)

RSS feeds (

Blogs ( Use your google log-in

Documents ( For word pro, spreadsheets and presentations. You can share these for collaboration.

Calendars (

Most of you also requested to join the wiki I set up for the class ( I have given you permission to write in the wiki. You can add pages relevant to your teaching areas.

Also check out to see if there is something that you might want to use

We looked at examples of

blogs, wikis and RSS feeds as Rennie talked about:

Using Computer Technology in Education for:

1) Simple Communication (students, parents & teachers - blogs and gradebooks)

2) Information gathering (web sites, RSS feeds)

3) Information creating (blogs, wikis, web sites)

4) Collaboration (blogs, wikis, moodle)

5) Motivate (Hawthorne and larger audience)

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