Monday, September 21, 2009

A11 and A12 Sept 22 09


NOTE: We are going to the Dafoe library on Thursday!! Meet at the research desk at 10:40 (We are going to the Gold lab)

Wikis - how to and examples - Learning new media “Cool Tools for Schools” and “Getting Tricky with Wikis” .
         - show off your students' work
         - do group/class projects
         - keep class notes

Photostory = free simple slide/movie creation - get some sample images HERE. See the project (gr. 1 - 3 multi-age) here


NOTE: We are going to the Dafoe library on Thursday!! Meet at the research desk at 10:40 (A12 at 1:00)

Tuesday at 3:00 and Thursday at 9:45 for extra help in the lab

0) Is this the Dumbest Generation? Yes/No? Comments on the readings/listenings.

1) Important Ideas


Discussion Summary

  • students don't know how groups function: you have to give them roles.
  • internet is mainly used for gossip: facebook, twitter etc
  • we are more narcissistic now
  • information is more easily accessible, but are we actually taking advantage of it? do we use what is available, or waste time?
  • we are lazier. There is more technology, we do not have to think for ourselves.
  • people don't know how to do hands-on kind of stuff. Passive activities are more common. Information is just given to you.

Not Dumbest
  • IQ scores are higher; graduate scores are up; graduate numbers are up
  • literacy is going down BUT information is being presented in a different way so people learn in different ways
  • get more information to the most amount of people... different ways
  • We are against video games.
  • kids are better at multi-tasking now. They can focus on more stuff.

Some non-text resources on Digital Natives:

Digital Natives project by Edutopia

Educause podcasts (mainly higher ed, and you need to pick and choose)

Scotland Project on Games Based Learning 

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