Thursday, September 24, 2009

A11 and A12 Sept 24

Dafoe library with Donna Masson - showed us EbscoHost search and ERIC searches. There is a handout that helps you find these things.

Researching the Digital Native's environment - general searches and narrowing them down.

Info Gathering - RSS (Google and Netvibes), Teacher Tube, Slideshare
Better Searching - Google help, country codes, Web Quest, LessonPlanet, teacherTap, Google Cheat Sheet
Sematntic web search - KartOO, Grokker, Inquiry Based Learning
Assessment - Eastern School District (Nfld), Kathy Schrock, Rubistar, Teach-noloy
References - Citation Machine, Easybib,

Some non-text resources on Digital Natives:

Digital Natives project by Edutopia

Educause podcasts (mainly higher ed, so you need to pick and choose)

Scotland Project on Games Based Learning 

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