Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teacher and Technology Oct 30 2013


Assessment Apps (Thanks Kelsey)
Vialogues - add questions to your video
Alternatives to Powerpoint and presentation rules
10 tips  and 10 more tips (no more than 15 words per slide?)
Keynote (Mac only)
Howard Rheingold - Net Smart


A15 - Kathy Silva, Monique Davidson, Rosalie Girouard - Classical History (Comments)
- Kelsey Jones + Morgan Cross - HEALTH (Comments)
A17 -
SNL iPhone Complaints (1st world problems)
Exam Questions - first look

Techno-thinking and Electronic Waste
Look up Manitoba solutions to e-waste
Assumptions we make
Food, Inc excerpt
Runaway Train - A short film (and commentary) about how we unthinkingly race to our own destruction: http://bit.ly/aolDpu and http://bit.ly/rcQAXT by Winnipeg animator - Cordell Barker

The Story Of Electronics and Electronics TakeBack Coalition websites present ideas about how to turn the tragedy around, thankfully.
Kyle suggests:
The Story of Electronics - See comments/solutions at the very bottom of this post.

Video / Games

RWL - for Nov 6

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