Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Teacher and Technology Oct 16 2013


More Connected - more isolated - WFP article
Screen shots and how to take them
Spreadsheet fun - your marks gone wild! (Sample Excel Gradebook)
Gizmos - enroll in a class (bottom of page) A15 use UCJXQC5DN4    A17 use GE6NVBHD9P
Google SketchUp - create a house no larger than 15m x 18m. Add features such as windows and doors and finishing touches as you wish.

A15 -
A17 - Human Ecology-Oleksa and Leanne (Add your comments here)
New MetaTeachniition Discussion - by Friday Oct 18, 4:37 pm
Consider your own experience with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) idea in our classroom. How has it changed your classroom experience? How has it changed your 'learning' experience? How has it influenced those around you (don't use names please)? Are you comfortable with it? Is it too much of a distraction? How might this affect how you will run your classroom? Write 250 - 500 words to describe your experience. You may comment (nicely and constructively) to other posts

The rubric for the Web Content Assignment. What changes does it need?
Should we do a structured peer review of your sites before you submit them? Have you found the ones done in previous years?


Your A/V assignment assessment - were you ok with getting marks on D2L first before the ‘feedback’? Did you want more comments or was a mark sufficient?

Assessments must measure all five results that matter —
  • core subjects;
  • 21st century content;
  • learning and thinking skills;
  • ICT literacy; and
  • life skills.

Do you know what these are? Why do we need to assess ICT literacy????

RWL - guest speaker on Friday on AAC

AAC (adaptive and augmentative communication) or special needs technologies - choose two or three from the options below.Read

Listen part 3  - about the first 5 minutes


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