Friday, November 1, 2013

Teacher and Technology Nov 1 2013


A17 - REFERENCES for your web content assignment!!!! You are to have a separate section for text, audio, video, websites, etc on your references page. You are also to link to these (audio, video, images, websites, etc) within your pages.
I am asking you to do this as I think it will be the way you will need to ask your students to reference things when they do assignments that involve web content.

A15 - Travis DeKezel, Katherine Kazun, Ashley Kossack - Science (Comments)
Reid Bouvier, Ian MacDonald, Grant Kroeker - History (Comments)
Laura Fridfinnson, Kurt Hildebrandt, Paul H- Phys Ed (Comments)
A17 -  Chris, Allan and Becky (Comments)
CompSci - John & Mehran (Comments)
Susanne Allmendinger and Janette Reimer (ELA) (Comments)
SNL iPhone Complaints (1st world problems)
Exam - Questions?

Digital Divide
Abroad - Dr. Kasongo Kalanda (Lesotho)
At home - what’s in your school? What do your students bring?

Important ideas for_teachers  23 and 24 and 25
A15 - Look up Manitoba solutions to e-waste

Assumptions we make
Food, Inc excerpt

The Story Of Electronics and Electronics TakeBack Coalition websites present ideas about how to turn the tragedy around, thankfully.
Kyle suggests:
The Story of Electronics - See comments/solutions at the very bottom of this post.

Video / Games

RWL - for Nov 6

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