Thursday, October 17, 2013

Teacher and Technology Oct 18 2013

Only one class next week!  :( or possibly none

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A15 - Jonathan+Ryan (Comments)
       - Alex Kozub & Janessa Brunet & Jenn Sonnenberg (Comments)

Guest presentation - AAC technologies/ Lori Wiebe from OARC (Comments)

A17 - Sara Oswald, Jared Suderman & Evan Maltman (comments)
       - Dale Thiessen & Gabrielle Wiebe (music) (comments)

New MetaTeachniition Discussion - by Friday Oct 18, 4:37 pm
Consider your own experience with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) idea in our classroom. How has it changed your classroom experience? How has it changed your 'learning' experience? How has it influenced those around you (don't use names please)? Are you comfortable with it? Is it too much of a distraction? How might this affect how you will run your classroom? Write 250 - 500 words to describe your experience. You may comment (nicely and constructively) to other posts

RWL - for Oct 23

The Flipped Classroom
The idea of the flipped classroom is that students can watch video lectures at home (or not during school time) and then spend their class time doing homework, group work, special projects, etc with the help of their teacher.
Some teachers insist on making their own lecture videos, but others choose to direct their students to some of the sites listed below.
1) Learn more about it (Is this much different that having a RWL for your students?):
Choose a couple from among these videos and articles to get an idea of what and why for the flipped classroom

2) Try some of it.
Try two lessons of your choice from Khan Academy, don’t create an account, just go to the Learn menu
TeacherTube Note that there are more than vidoes available - check out a few resources for your subject area.
- find a game or two to try for your subject or try these. Keep in mind what you might be learning!!!
Science games web site - not all links work.

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