Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teacher and Technology Oct 23 2013


Flipped Classroom Ideas

Glogster - posters with audio, video, text, images, etc

A15 - Tom Friesen + Steve Okolita (Comments)
A17 - English/Art Stephanie Waddell, Jeff Armstrong, Orysa Stein (Comments)
       - Jeremy Lomonaco and Scott Delong (Comments)

“We become overwhelmed by technology when we neglect the pedagogy” - this may turn into an exam question.

Assignment questions? REFERENCES for your web content assignment!!!! You are to have a separate section for text, audio, video, websites, etc on your references page. You are also to link to these (audio, video, images, websites, etc) within your pages.
Comments/followup on the AAC presentation?
Rules for BYOD? From your discussion comments:
How will you handle this? How will you help students ‘manage’ their device time? Is there a difference between using them during ‘lecture’ time and assignment time? Is sending one text in class ‘bad?’ How about two? Are ‘tech breaks’ the answer?

The Flipped Classroom
The idea of the flipped classroom is that students can watch video lectures at home (or not during school time) and then spend their class time doing homework, group work, special projects, etc with the help of their teacher.
Some teachers insist on making their own lecture videos, but others choose to direct their students to other sites

Video / Games

RWL - for Oct 30

- do good research for your web assignment!!!

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