Thursday, October 3, 2013

Teacher and Technology Oct 4 2013


A15 - none
A17 - Marin Kecman, Brent Robertson
- Angela Kramer & Jessie Goodwill & Kyleigh Hurak

Important ideas for_teachers  12 and 13 (The leadup to the RWL for next week)

Games and Education
From the RWL - are games the solution?
What games are we talking about?
What parts of games are most important?
What is the teacher's role?
What were the best content games you played?
What about the kids who don't like games?
Angela McFarlane - 15% and gaming communities

Upsides of Students Creating Games
Teacher Roles in Using Games

RWL for Oct 9 and 11


21st century assessments. Authentic 21st century assessments are the essential foundation of a 21st century education. Assessments must measure all five results that matter — core subjects; 21st century content; learning and thinking skills; ICT literacy; and life skills. Assessment of 21st century skills should be integrated with assessments of core subjects. Separate assessments would defeat the purpose of infusing 21st century skills into core subjects. To be effective, sustainable and affordable, assessments must use modern technologies to increase efficiency and timeliness. Standardized tests alone can measure only a few of the important skills and knowledge students should learn. A balance of assessments, including high-quality standardized testing along with effective classroom assessments, offers students and teachers a powerful tool to master the content and skills central to success.

Must read - pp. 10 - 16 from Shifting Minds from - note their ideas of 21C skills

Partnership for 21C Skills - pp. 16-17 for summary and assessment

In addition choose at least 2 from among:




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