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Teacher and Technology Oct 9 2013


Gizmos (math/science) from Explorelearning.com
20 Things new teachers should do (with a healthy tech bias)
http://savemedia.com/ to download youtube videos (ensure that you in compliance with the copyright!)
Timelines -TimeToast (samples),  Capzules (make a timeline of history, a major writer, an athlete or sport or whatever with either of these timeline creators)
http://timerime.com/ - thanks to Brent
Survey Monkey - free online surveys - please fill in our mid-course survey.
A15     A17
PollEveryWhere - text/tweet in a response
TodaysMeet.com - quick setup for background comments

A15 -  Jon Bruckshaw, Leah Harpelle, Kyle Ridler (Add your comments here)
A17 - Tyson Gross, Laura Kalyta, Eric Wiebe (Add your comments here)

Assessment in a Digital Age
Groups of 3-4 go over what you know about for/of/as assessment
x reference link - Simple version, more, PP/PDF version
Redekopp Roulette explained
What is late and why does it matter?
James Paul Gee on Assessment with video games (and implications for general assessment)
x Does this apply to how we use tech in ed?

From the RWL

C21 skills - what are they? With your group list the most important ones
How do we encourage and assess them? How do we report them?


21st century assessments. Authentic 21st century assessments are the essential foundation of a 21st century education. Assessments must measure all five results that matter — core subjects; 21st century content; learning and thinking skills; ICT literacy; and life skills. Assessment of 21st century skills should be integrated with assessments of core subjects. Separate assessments would defeat the purpose of infusing 21st century skills into core subjects. To be effective, sustainable and affordable, assessments must use modern technologies to increase efficiency and timeliness. Standardized tests alone can measure only a few of the important skills and knowledge students should learn. A balance of assessments, including high-quality standardized testing along with effective classroom assessments, offers students and teachers a powerful tool to master the content and skills central to success.

Must read - pp. 10 - 16 from Shifting Minds from C21Canada.org - note their ideas of 21C skills

Partnership for 21C Skills - pp. 16-17 for summary and assessment

In addition choose at least 2 from among:




Future topics -
AAC - Oct 18 presentation after the two presentations
Flipped Classroom - Khan Academy, TeacherTube, games, and what happens in the classroom?
Digital waste

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