Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Teacher and Technology Oct 2 2013


Hand back marking
GoAnimate (free version is ok) - script to 3D animation
  • for reluctant writers and others
  • create a scene where you try to explain why RWLs are gooder than just reading lists
PowToon - a sort of RSA animation thing. This has a learning curve.


LwICT and copyright response/reaction?
Presentations start Friday - questions?

Games and Education
From the RWL - are games the solution?
What games are we talking about?
What parts of games are most important?
What is the teacher's role?
What were the best content games you played?
What about the kids who don't like games?
Angela McFarlane

Teacher Roles in Using Games
Games in Education by rredekopp on GoAnimate

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