Tuesday, October 4, 2011

T and T October 5, 2011

Tech support in the middle ages
Important Idea #4
SmartBoard download and product key

Course overview - continue from slide 12

Apps I like (you can share too as the course goes on)
  • for each app what does is improve, what gets lost, what does it remind you of, what happens if it is overused?

Marshall McLuhan
McLuhan videos

Examples: Horton, NWLink, IWC Media, MindBeforeYouMind (Eloi are a post-human race in HG Well's The Time Machine)

On your own try to create tetrads for TV, money, hydro dams, corporations?

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Brenden Burnell said...

Thanks to Rennie's inspiring lessons, I have now started a simple blog (which covers more than just our T&T class). Anybody interested in taking a look, check out http://bburnell.blogspot.com