Tuesday, October 25, 2011

T and T Oct. 26, 2011

Smart Notebook software

Great page for high school Smart lessons
My SAGE page
A great resource page - Digital Goonies - lots of recommendations for web applications. Look way down the right side to find the categories
Free Tech for Teachers - resources and how to PDFs
iDone This - motivator?

Presentations (some of you have not signed up!)

A17   Shannon, Deborah & Brenden - Physical Geography Darcie, Kaitlyn, Jill

A15  Laryssa, Danielle, Larry - MRI

Important Idea
12 & 13 for A17
14 & 15 for A15

Facebook - How it is Used is More Important Than How Much
Should teachers use Facebook with students? Facebook and the teacher - Q - 2010-12-21. Ian Grunwald in Wpg // Anthony Marko in Hamilton
Facebook alternatives - Edmodo and Schoology

The Upsides of Games in Education

Education and Mobile Devices
Why I gave Up My iPhone!

More on the brain

Mobile Learning

Take pictures and email them to mlcourse123 at gmail.com (put in the @)
View the results at http://mlcourse123.posterous.com/
http://mobilelearning2010.wikispaces.com/ - a resource site

These are a few of My Favourite Apps
  • Dragon dictate
  • Dragon search
  • Dictionary
Prezi - alternative presentation tool

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