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T and T Oct 30 Weekend Edition


My Blackberry’s not working

Nov 19 start time?
Dec 3 lunch?

Wikispaces and Project Based Learning

Smart software download and some extra Galleries for specific subjects

Apps I like (you can share too as the course goes on)
  • Dragon Search
  • Dragon Notes
  • Educate
  • 3D Brain
Important Ideas #8 and 9

Games review - Are problem-solving, collaboration, communication, literacy, critical thinking enough?
    x Employability skills

Assessment - James Paul Gee on Games and Assessment (Video)

Technology Bias!!
Ways of thinking
  • William Kurelek's art
    and views on technology - does he distinguish between the technique and
    the machine? Some samples: (from the Our World Today) The Dream of
    Mayor Crombie, This is Our Nemiesis, He Gloats over Our Skepticism. And
    from the first gallery, The Tower of Babel and The Maas Maze. and from
    the 3rd section, Cross Section of Vinnitsia in the Ukraine.
Postman’s Five Ideas

  • First, that we always pay a price for technology; the greater the technology, the greater      the price.
  • Second, that  there are always winners and losers, and that the winners always
    try to persuade the losers that they are really winners.
  • Third, that there is embedded in every great technology an
    epistemological, political or social prejudice. Sometimes that bias
    is greatly to our advantage. Sometimes it is not. The printing
    press annihilated the oral tradition; telegraphy annihilated space;
    television has humiliated the word; the computer, perhaps, will
    degrade community life. And so on.
  • Fourth, technological change is not additive; it is ecological, which
    means, it changes everything and is, therefore, too important to be
    left entirely in the hands of Bill Gates.
  • And fifth, technology tends to become mythic; that is, perceived as
    part of the natural order of things, and therefore tends to control
    more of our lives than is good for us.
In the past, we experienced technological change in the manner of sleep-walkers. Our unspoken slogan has been "technology über alles," and we have been willing to shape our lives to fit the requirements of technology, not the requirements of culture. This is a form of stupidity, especially in an age of vast technological change. We need to proceed with our eyes wide open so that we many use technology rather than be used by it."

What we value
  • Are we any happier?


Half way survey

Great page for MY Smart lessons

iTunes search for educational apps (preferably free). Add the names of good ones to your subject page on our class wiki.

Screen shots
Mac - Command+Shift - 4, then drag your cursor around the part of the screen you want
PC - Print Screen (top right area of keyboard), then paste it into a graphics program

Script to 3D animation - Xtranormal

Great online paint programs - SumoPaint, Art Pad, Odosketch, SketchPad, Photoshop Express (online)

RWL - Mobile Learning

Do this with a focus on applying mobile technology to a specific topic or lesson



A page of Podcasts - (more university level) check Classroom Engagement or Creating Tools for a Mobile Campus

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