Friday, October 21, 2011

T and T Oct 22 Weekend Edition


Smart software download and some extra Galleries for specific subjects

Pre-service teacher tech info session Oct 20 - Invitation letter
Questions about assignments??

Apps I like (you can share too as the course goes on)

Important Ideas #6 and 7

Games in Education - beyond Jeopardy and review
  1. Are they beneficial?
  2. What is learned?
  3. How do we 'assess' progress?
  4. How do we ‘justify’ using games to admin and parents?
  5. Are problem-solving, collaboration, communication, literacy, critical thinking enough?

    x Employability skills

Assessment - James Paul Gee on Games and Assessment (Video)
What Exactly Are Kids Learning From Games?

Smartboard games

Digital Natives and the Brain
Gary Small and iBrain review

Course overview - continue from slide ??


Half way survey

Digital Goonies web site

Games Sites
Bio Games link - Spongelab Interactive - class code: 3FRYNF7PEQ
Stu's Quiz Boxes (requires a download and install on a WIndows computer)
The Problem Site
Canada Quiz
Nobel Prize Site - Games
HIstory Games - BBC
Colorado U project
English Games

Game Creation software
Kodu - easy to learn 3D game cration
Game Maker

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