Wednesday, October 12, 2011

T and T October 12, 2011


Jane McGonigal on Saving the World Through Games

Smart Attendance - place your name under your opinion of games in ed
Smart software download and some extra Galleries for specific subjects

Poll - Your favorite educational games
A17 ---
A15 ---

Preservice teacher tech sessions Oct 20 and 21

Important Ideas # 8 and 9

Games in Education - beyond Jeopardy and review
Are they beneficial?
What is learned?
How do we 'assess' progress?
How do we ‘justify’ using games to admin and parents?
Are problem-solving, collaboration, communication, literacy, critical thinking enough?
x Employability skills

Assessment - James Paul Gee on Games and Assessment (Video)

Apps and games

What are the obstacles for you in using games?

McLuhan speech - first 10 minutes

A15 - Lab

Try out some games in your subject area - critique them based on????

Bio Games link - Spongelab Interactive

What Exactly Are Kids Learning From Games?
George Lucas Foundation Series
Katie Salen On Learning With Games (Video)

No Gamer Left Behind (Video)

The Psych Files (blog with vodcast and text)

Research on violent games by Doug Gentile
Text interview with Doug Gentile on violent video games

Games Sites
Nobel Prize Site - Games
HIstory Games - BBC

Colorado U project
English Games

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