Friday, October 7, 2011

T and T October 7, 2011


Smart Attendance - add your name to the list and change it to text
Poll #1 - Impressions
Preservice teacher tech sessions Oct 20 and 21
MS-DOS 34.5 - thanks Steve Jobs that we never had this.
Important Ideas # 6 and 7

Poll #2 - multimedia issues
McLuhan speech - first 10 minutes



Photostory = free simple slide/movie creation
if you need them - get some sample images HERE. See the project (gr. 1 - 3 multi-age) here

Or create images using:

R/W/L for Oct 12
Games in Education? Are they beneficial? In what ways? How do we 'assess' progress?

R/W/L to at least one of these and try a game or two from the game sites:

What Exactly Are Kids Learning From Games?

George Lucas Foundation Series
Katie Salen On Learning With Games (Video)
James Paul Gee on Games and Assessment (Video)
No Gamer Left Behind (Video)

The Psych Files (blog with vodcast and text)

Research on violent games by Doug Gentile
Text interview with Doug Gentile on violent video games

Games Sites
Nobel Prize Site - Games
HIstory Games - BBC

Colorado U project
English Games

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