Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Teacher and Technology Course

Welcome to Teacher and Technology.

Some details:
Class blog - you are here. This is my space to post class notes and stuff
Class wiki - this is where you will get to contribute and sign-up for presentations and topics.
My Twitter account - @rredekopp

Technology is not just a tool - it has an inherent set of values and expectations.

Things we will do in class:
I will share some 'important ideas' from my teaching career
We will learn some practical things that can be used in the classroom
We will learn to think about how best to use technology to help students learn and demonstrate their learning
We will learn how you can use the technology to make your life as a teacher gooder.

Some dates I have to remember:

Sept 13 and 14th - lab days
Sept 21 Donna Masson
Sept 27 and 28 - John Finch

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