Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teaching and Learning With Mobile Devices - Sept. 26, 2012


Read this article on Samsung and a Memphis school while you wait for people to arrive (or whenever this is posted.)
PLNs - Live Binder, RSS, Netvibes, Twitter, Diigo, Evernote, google drive - doc sharing

Find three apps you haven’t seen before that might be interesting. Choose one of these:
iTunes apps or browse in iTunes
Google Play


Oct 31 class ?????

Tom Peters on creative education

TED Talk - Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

Groups of three - what were the most important things you learned from the RWL? Tweet them to our class hashtag - #mlcourse

  • The Brain -  “Will fast facts do to our brains, what fast food has done to our bodies?” R. Redekopp

  • Start with this short NY Times article: The Science of Concentration

  • Then choose one more from among the following and bring your notes to class:

  • Gary Small - iBrain - text or video choices or audio

  • Multitasking or Paying Attention: Winnifred Gallagher - the book Rapt, or video (around the 30 minute mark to find the multitasking stuff)audio

  • Your Brain on Technology - audio

Favourite Apps!! Books and ????

What is education? What do the experts think? The Agenda
What you think the purpose of education is should help determine how you use technology (and everything else you do in teaching)

Read / Watch / Listen for Oct. 3, 2012

Check your school/division policy re: mobile devices

Our Digital Future: Jobs of Tomorrow (TVO - The Agenda)
How do we figure out what works and what doesn’t?

BTR podcast - An Interview with Researcher and Teacher Victor Fitzgerald - Apr 08,2010 (12:00 - 16:00)
Marguerite Koole - ways to consider this “balance between the controls and constraints of social technologies and the needs of distance students.”
Q - 2010-12-21 Andrea Martin (but we’re listening to the first few minutes about Facebook and teachers). Ian Grunwald in Wpg // Anthony Marko in Hamilton

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