Thursday, September 27, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Music Sept 27, 2012

Joel - sound system demo - next Thursday

John Finch - Manitoba Education - Literacy With ICT Across the Curriculum

Next class


Music Creation - web based software

Presentation - Ryan W/Dann B/Joel L
Metaphor / Language / Tech Bias
More SMARTBoard

Read/Watch/Listen list for Sept 25 and 27

Issues related to technology - language is important!!!

At least TWO of the following and bring your notes:
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You -
Videos: - You can watch just segments of this using the choices listed. It would not play in Firefox for me, but was fine in Chrome.
General videos by Mander - or do your own search
Lakoff and Johnson - Metaphors We Live By - and a summary and Bower's critique
Lakoff video of how this started
Lakoff  video - Framing
Neil Postman - Five Things we should Know About Technological Change

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