Monday, September 17, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Music Sept 18, 2012


Twitter: @rredekopp  Class hashtag is #umtandt

TEXTBOOK! Which is the best one? iPod, tablets

Google Power Searching course - you can search better and learn about how their Course Builder works and see how Google thinks a course should be developed.

Open Source Software - free to download and use. Wide variety of programs - eg TTA lossless codec
ex. Music notation - scroll down a bit to MuseScore

Video - PC - Movie Maker and Mac - iMovie

Survey - about ‘textbooks’
Survey - reaction to ‘textbook’


Course Outline and assignments - questions?

Important Idea #3

Is Google making us stupid?
  • In groups of 4ish, make a list of pro’s and con’s from the readings you did. Prepare to share these with the class (and you can add from your own experiences)

ISTE Standards for teachers and students

Next class

The Brain - see the RWL
BYOD - Survey - about BYOD

Read/Watch/Listen list for Sept 20

Sept 20

  • The Brain -  “Will fast facts do to our brains, what fast food has done to our bodies?” R. Redekopp

  • Start with this short NY Times article: The Science of Concentration

  • Then choose one more from among the following and bring your notes to class:

  • Gary Small - iBrain - text or video choices or audio

  • Multitasking or Paying Attention: Winnifred Gallagher - the book Rapt, or video (around the 30 minute mark to find the multitasking stuff)

  • Your Brain on Technology - audio

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