Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teaching and Learning With Mobile Devices - Sept. 12, 2012


Class web presence (this is an ongoing experiment in digital culture and ‘metateachnition’):
Desire2Learn - only to show your marks
Twitter: @rredekopp class hashtag is #mlcourse
Class Notes -
Class wiki (where you contribute - request access) -
Redekopp Online Newspaper -

Course Outline and assignments

Bibliography makers - refworks, easybib.

Open Source Software - free to download and use. Wide variety of programs - eg TTA lossless codec
ex. Music notation - scroll down a bit to MuseScore

TEXTBOOK??? Which device is best???


Connecting to the wireless network - use your umnet ID

Introductions - R Redekopp
Pictures with name tags
Least/worst option???
You - name, work - job and location, reason for taking course, your mobile device (if you have one), gut feelings about Mobile Learning
Contact info - phone tree, text, twitter, or whatever for snow days/cancellations
Class structure - times and breaks
R/W/L  ???

Class behaviour and etiqutte re: mobile devices

Meta-Teachnition - what to do when you disagree with everyone else or are distracted.

What is education? What do the experts think? The Agenda

Overview (the overture!) of ML Course

Read / Watch / Listen for Sept 19, 2012

Best Practices Discussion Group from LinkedIn
iPadQuest - a blog by an iPad using teacher

For an overview of some terminology see the Educause collection of 7 Things You Should Know About ... - look through the list and update yourself on one or two!

Choose THREE from the list below. Since they are not all the same, be prepared to share your info based on what you read, watch OR listened to.

Read (options)

Social issues - some entry points
Bowling Alone - America's Declining Social Capital - Robert Putnam - also a book version.
One Nation Under Google (pdf) - Darin Barney
Anarchy and the internet - Gordon Graham
Digital Media and Youth.pdf
Youth, Identity and Digital


Marshall McLuhan - The Medium is The Message and Media and The Global Village
One Nation Under Google - Darin Barney (Part 1)
TVO - The Agenda - The Myth of Digital Literacy
Digital Etiquette on YouTube
Privacy and Ordering Pizza! (just for fun!)


Start with BTR and Liz Kolb (Choose any or all) - BTR Cell Phones in Learning series
TVO - The Myth of Digital Literacy (click on the tab for the episode). You can download thiese from the iTunes store as well.
Born Digital excerpt - John Palfrey and Urs Gasser (they also have podcasts available)
or any of these
Interview with John Palfrey - Perseus Publishing

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