Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Teacher and Technology Jan. 30 2014 A13 and A14

SB Attendance Question

New RWL location on blog

First Meta-Topic Question - Due today 4:56 pm
Describe one or more 'metateachnition' experiences you have had (or will have in the next week!!). What do you end up noticing? What is important to you? What do you notice about other people? Does this help you understand yourself as a prospective teacher? Please do not use real names.

A14 Presentation
Sarah Mitchell and Kevin Morrall

How to cite materials in your web space:
You are to have a separate section for text, audio, video, websites, etc on your references page. You are also to link to these (audio, video, images, websites, etc) within your content pages.

From the RWL:
  • What does technology have to do with democracy?
  • What in the world does McLuhan mean? (exam question based on this)
  • Is the Internet the epitome of anarchy as Graham defines it?
  • How does Barney define fundamentalism?
  • Are we losing our social capital or are we gaining with all our various connections?
  • Does the Digital Literacy video support Nicholas Carr’s ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’?

Marshall McLuhan - the medium is the message and the ‘tetrad’
   - “We shape our tools and then they shape us.”
“We are always living way ahead of our thinking”
Winston Churchill - “We shape our buildings and then they shape us”
Research of the Future (start at 1:00)
   x McLuhan tetrads - open this on your device and with 2 or 3 others try and guess at the answers (before looking) and be ready to try and explain the concept.

videos about waste disposal, and farming.

more Big Ideas from the RWL.
  • Is ignorance really bliss??
  • Why does metaphor matter? What are your metaphors for education? How does this affect how you teach?
  • Does the Digital Literacy video support Nicholas Carr’s ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’?
  • Technology and sustainability
  • videos about waste disposal, cell phone minerals and farming.
  • Metaphors - how do they shape our thinking?


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