Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Teacher and Technology Jan. 16 2014

SMART Board - Attendance

Show us your favourite stuff
Tips for Notebook 11 under the Help menu.
Setup - connect, orient and sound
Pens, writing to text, cloning (attendance names)
Magic pen - erase what you draw around and tap the middle, circle something and it gets highlighted, square around something to zoom in.

SB Resources
TEQ resources - not just SB
Video tips

Groups of 3-4 (work with someone new)! Design the room!!! Put ideas on the SB once your group has a plan.

Q on CBC debate - Is the Internet Making Us Stupider?  (beginning and 16:00 - 17:00)

from the RWL (Read/Watch/Listen)
The Brain -  “Will fast facts do to our brains what fast food has done to our bodies?” R. Redekopp
Part 2 -  post summaries at TodaysMeet

Check the RWL page for next week.

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