Tuesday, January 26, 2010

T and T Jan. 26-27

Important Idea - 5

Presentations -
A13 - Kristen C, Shannon, Sunny
A14 - Jodi, Marilyn & Morgan

Creativity added to presentation rubric instead of group cooperation.

From the r/w/l list: iBrain and Born Digital

1) 24/7 networks, continuous partial attention, rapid response
    x where are you on this scale?
    x where are the students you taught on this scale?

2) Agree or disagree? Is the argument this simple?
But make no mistake: We are at a crossroads. There are two possible paths before us—one in which we destroy what is great about the Internet and about how young people use it, and one in which we make smart choices and head toward a bright future in a digital age. The stakes of our actions today are very high. The choices that we are making now will govern how our children and grandchildren live their lives in many important ways: how they shape their identities, protect their privacy, and keep themselves safe; how they create, understand, and shape the information that underlies the decision-making of their generation; and how they learn, innovate, and take responsibility as citizens. On one of these paths, we seek to constrain their creativity, self-expression, and innovation in public and private spheres; on the other, we embrace these things while minimizing the dangers that come with the new era. source

3) Are our brains really evolving? In what ways are your high tech friends (or you) really representative of a change in how we think and act? How much of your generation is unable to slow down?

Chart  - As we go more digital, what will we gain and what will we lose?

Purpose - Film Tactics

Games in Education?

What is good? What is not so good?

R/W/L to at least one of these and try a game or two from the game sites:

What Exactly Are Kids Learning From Games?

George Lucas Foundation Series
Katie Salen On Learning With Games (Video)
James Paul Gee on Games and Assessment (Video)
No Gamer Left Behind (Video)

The Psych Files (blog with vodcast and text)

Research on violent games by Doug Gentile
Text interview with Doug Gentile on violent video games

Games Sites
Nobel Prize Site - Games

Extras (optional)
More Nicholas Carr on the importance of books

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