Thursday, January 21, 2010


 For the week of Sept 21/22 read/watch/listen:

McLuhan - McLuhan Overview - disinfodave on YouTube (watch and take notes on the four things that change for next class)

Also watch this 1 minute on The Medium is the Message

Nicolas Carr
– Is Google Making Us Stupid?
We can still read! - Why Digital Doesn't Mean Dumb!
What is a good teacher?
Gladwell - How to Identify a Good Teacher Prospect



for week of Feb 9:

Get rid of the Digital Natives term

Ken Robinson TED talk if you haven't seen it already

The Educause collection of 7 Things You Should Know About ... - look through the list and update yourself on one or two!

YouTube - search for "iPhone concert" and watch a couple or three

Completely Optional - Some free books in PDF format from MIT on Digital Natives

For the week of Feb 1 R/W/L

Games in Education?

What's good, what's not so good?

R/W/L to at least one of these and try a game or two from tjhe game sites:

What Exactly Are Kids Learning From Games?

George Lucas Foundation Series
Katie Salen On Learning With Games (Video)
James Paul Gee on Games and Assessment (Video)
No Gamer Left Behind (Video)

The Psych Files (blog with vodcast and text)

Research on violent games by Doug Gentile
Text interview with Doug Gentile on violent video games

Games Sites
Nobel Prize Site - Games

Extras (optional)
More Nicholas Carr on the importance of books 

For the week of Jan 26 r/w/l:

excerpts from iBrain  
Born Digital excerpt - John Palfrey and Urs Gasser
or any of these
Interview with Palfrey - Perseus Publishing

For the week of Jan 19 r/w/l:
 Read Don Tapscott Grown Up Digital excerpt - OR choose one of the business week 8 part series from Don's Articles.

Read one of the articles or reviews of the The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein.
Listen to an interview on PBS with both Tapscott and Bauerlein

OR TVO with Gary Small and Don Tapscott - click on the Your Brain on Tech tab if necessary

For the week of Jan 12 read/watch/listen:
McLuhan - McLuhan Overview - roddy99 on YouTube (watch and take notes for next class
Nicolas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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