Thursday, January 28, 2010

T and T Jan 28-29


Important Idea - 6

Presentation - A13 - Robin N Laura F. Trisha

iBrain overview


Top educational wikis on Wikispaces

Info Gathering - RSS (Google and Netvibes), Teacher Tube, Slideshare

Better Searching - Google help, country codes, Web Quest, LessonPlanet, teacherTap, Google Cheat Sheet
Searching beyond google = U o fMinnesota

Alan November - Info Literacy (understanding a web site - checking validity)

Free online Concept Mapping -,

Google Sketch-up - free 3D drawing program useable in many content areas (and instead of playing games)

Work on wikis?

When Youtube is blocked (eight ways around it)

Kickyoutube downloads video well. Get the yourube video you want and then add kick in front of youtube in the address bar. Choose a format (usually mp4), click on Go and then right click on download and choose Save Source. works very well, but it does show the most recently downloaded videos and some may be inappropriate for the classroom.

Download and use VLC, a cross-platform media player to view almost anything!! Mac, PC or Linux

Here are some plagiarism checkers on the web: (Thanks Matt!!!)

A long list of Web 2 tools for you and your students from SolutionWatch

Note: File sharing is possible at (PC, Mac or Linux) if you don't want to use Google Docs or other alternatives.

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