Thursday, January 7, 2010

T and T Jan 7-8

1)  Important Ideas

Using Technology in Education for:
  1. Basic Communication (blogs. email, texting and PP - students, parents & teachers)
  2. Info Gathering (RSS, web sites and advanced search)
  3. Subject Specific Software - Drill & Practice, simulations, GPS, graphing, labs
  4. Info Creating (wikis, blogs, web sites)
  5. Collaboration - wikis, docs, video, audio
  6. Presentation / Motivation (Hawthorne effect and larger audience)
4) Frameworks for tech in ed - you have to start thinking about the implications of technology

5) McLuhan Overview - roddy99 on YouTube


1) Claim your U of M ID (if you haven't already)

2) Create a account --- so we can try a bunch of tools
2b) Using tabs to browse and have many things open at once.

3a) Course Outline -

3b) Add your email to join

3c) The class social network - no, not facebook! You may choose to join.

4) Check out

5) Log in to Angel (course outline web)

6) Check the class blog

8) Blogs, wikis and RSS - what, why and what's the difference?

For next week read/watch/listen:
McLuhan - McLuhan Overview - roddy99 on YouTube (watch and take notes for next class
Nicolas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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