Thursday, January 21, 2010

T and T Jan 21 - 22, 2010


New label on the blog - Read/Watch/Listen to find the R/W/L stuff for each week. Look to the right --->

Important Idea - 4

Curriculum Navigator (for A13 and 14 mainly - EY and MY)

"Are You Playing Attention?"

The information barrage - how to help students cope

Wikipedia vs Encyc Britannica
- which is more reliable?


Final rubrics??  - Assign 1 and presentation

Google Docs - text, presentations, sites - sharing

Wikis - how to and examples - Learning new media “Cool Tools for Schools” and “Getting Tricky with Wikis” .
         - show off your students' work
         - do group/class projects
         - keep class notes

Better searching
-- U of M library info/how to,

    Time to work on assign 1

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