Monday, January 4, 2010

T and T Jan 5/6 2010

Welcome to Teacher and Tech Winter 2010

And so the trek begins.

We will be exploring the theme of the 'digital native' as we learn about technology in the classroom and how to use it well. We'll look at theory and we'll do some practical stuff - for you, for your students and for your 'community'.

You all have different levels of tech experience and knowledge of how to make good educational use of it, so this course is about pushing yourself forward from where you are now.

Work hard, push yourself and you will enjoy.

First Class
Introductions - pictures (put your name - large and dark - on a piece of paper) and SmartBoards
Course outline
What is education?
  • What are schools for? What is education? Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish with your students?
  • Write down a one or two sentence response
  • Share with one other person and modify/revise if you wish
  • Share with another pair of people
  • What do some 'experts' say? Audio excerpt from TVO - The Agenda
Shift Happens - are you ready?
Tech as a Tool? Us Using it and IT using us.
Marshall McLuhan - The medium is the message

For next week read/watch/listen:
McLuhan - McLuhan Overview - roddy99 on YouTube (watch and take notes for next class
Nicolas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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