Tuesday, October 6, 2009

T and T Oct. 6 2009


SketchUp (Start - Programs - Internet - Google Sketchup) - free from Google. Another good reason not to play games in the lab.

Animation - Fluxtime (thanks Sam!)

Better Searching - Google help, country codes, Web Quest, LessonPlanet, teacherTap, Google Cheat Sheet

Assessment - Eastern School District (Nfld), Kathy Schrock, Rubistar, Teach-noloy

Capture video

Get VLC player

Tomorrow's news today - bias / perspective (search for Philippines
English newspapers or Japan or India, etc...)

Project Gutenberg - free books

Science Simulations from U Colorado

Larry's Best Web 2.0 apps for 2009 - take a look at the one you are assigned and review it in our discussion forum (Ning or Angel)

Free Security Software for your PC

What is Twitter and what are some project ideas?

Thanks Pam:

Art Pad



Should the textbook for this class be an iTouch? (Once the faculty has wireless)

Comments about LwICT ??? Should we have an iTouch for every student?

McLuhan Followup (Did you watch?)

Marshall McLuhan (disinfodave on YouTube) - enhance, obsolesce, retrieve, reverse



Brain research - review of iBrain

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