Wednesday, October 14, 2009

T and T Oct 14, 2009


ManACE - Tech PD from Manitoba educators

When Youtube is blocked (eight ways around it)

A long list of Web 2 tools for you and your students from SolutionWatch

Project Gutenberg - free books

Science Simulations from U Colorado

Larry's Best Web 2.0 apps for 2009 - take a look at the one you are assigned and review it in our discussion forum (Ning or Angel)

Free Security Software for your PC

What is Twitter and what are some project ideas?

Free online Concept Mapping -,

From -
Enter these "smaller technical footprints" Acrobat Reader alternatives. Although Adobe's baby is technically superior to all of these on paper, thee will likely handle everything the typical K-12 school environment throws at them.
BONUS: Not sure, but I think I may have already mentioned this before. No's that good, so it bears repeating...if you're look for free alternatives to expensive Adobe Acrobat so you can create your very own PDF documents, look no further than PrimoPDF.


Presentation: Stefan, Scott and Chris - Physics.

Mimio IWB (Interactive White Board)

You can download the Mimio software and install it on their personal computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) by visiting the following URL:

The site will first ask for some personal information (Name, School etc etc) before they can download the software.

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