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Internet Pedagogy Oct 7 2009


Changing information / Changing education

Should the iTouch (or any small small wireless device) be the textbook for this course?
    - or In my pocket I have 275000 words, all K-12 math formulae, the periodic table, star charts, the brain and more
    - so "What are you going to make of it?"

Metaphors again:
"Similarly, the computer model might lead us to think that we're programmed. But such a belief would have us "dumb down" our educational system, substituting programming for teaching, and being programmed for learning."
Finally -- although there are many other possible examples--computers may model rationality (they don't, actually), but they sure don't touch emotion. The computing metaphor treats emotion as a mere epiphenomenon, an accidental byproduct like the heat generated by a TV set. As "information" appliances, computers are already biased against emotion, preferring a "just the facts, ma'am" world. But emotions are about what things mean to us and thus enable information to matter. They are the engines of personhood, not a byproduct."
Now for the hard part. Suppose for the moment that the Web is as defining of the coming age as the steam engine and computers were of theirs. How are we going to understand ourselves in light of the Web?"
(from KMWorld )

What are the first three metaphors that come to mind when you think of the internet?

What are some of the visual images of the internet (and links)

Some examples from a google images search for internet metaphors:

Stream, Amy Hogan Thesis (check the publications list for HCI 2005 pdf), Art Teacher's Guide , Legal Issues (video 3:30), Freedom Lab, Transcending (or Web You.0) , , , ,

What did you learn from Ken Robinson?

For next class read and watch:
- Sarah and copyright
- Tech in Education - Pedagogy by Other Means - Robert Butche
- Michael Wesch on Web 2.0 and A Vision of Students Today


Presentation - Lana and Jeff - How Does the Internet Change How We Think and Do Research?

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