Thursday, October 15, 2009

T and T Oct 15, 2009

A12 Presentation - Matt Burokas/Cheryl Jackson/Julie Martinussen

Mimio practice

Exam Questions

Important Ideas - 10 and 11

Video, etc - the new 'essay' - think about LwICT presentation

Wikipedia - not always reliable (Sasquatch)

With luck the students will learn:

  • how easy it is to mount information on Wikipedia
  • that anybody, not just experts, can add information to Wikipedia
  • that there are other sources of information more reliable than that on Wikipedia.
  • that information on Wikipedia is subject to change given new research
  • that Wikipedia is socially constructed and edited
  • the importance of individual contribution to the knowledge of the world
  • the need for ethical creation and use of information
  • that _plagiarism _is_ easily _identifiable
  • the need to cite information sources used to construct the article

Some Characteristics of Digital Natives - from Grown Up Digital

   Copyright and the Teacher - Mandy's slides ---> only for A16 and A18 (got up to Access Copyright)

Kathy Cassidy - Top Ten Sites for Elementary

Can We Do This Better?
Ken Robinson - Creativity in Schools

Computer as worksheet, dict, encyc, calculator, etc.

Searching beyond google

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