Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Pedagogy - Oct 14, 2009



About this:
- Sarah and copyright
- Tech in Education - Pedagogy by Other Means - Robert Butche
- Michael Wesch on Web 2.0 and A Vision of Students Today

Net niceness - shield them or teach them?

Digital citizenship on the digital playground
   - actively teaching the ethics and responsibility of internet use
    - you can protect them to some degree at school, but what about at home?

Plagiarism, bullying, intellectual property (music rights, image rights, etc.), pornography, Facebook/MySpace, long term consequences (Leslie Hughes and others)

What is Twitter and what are some project ideas?

For next class watch:
New / Social Technologies Podcasts:
    Alan November - Going Global
    Will Richardson - Social Technologies in the Classroom



Curriculum Navigator -

Music, podcasts and video - Garageband, iMovie, Movie Maker, Audacity (free download), etc.

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