Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Internet Pedagogy, Oct 21 , 2009


Printer Problems?

  • Sarah Mahi
  • Jenn Lapkin

November 4 class ????
No class Nov 11

More info bombardment

Did you watch these?
New / Social Technologies Podcasts:
    Alan November - Going Global - global work ethic, college grad %'s, gifted children numbers, (4:24) Skype (free?), class as global comm center, podcsting - audio channels, blog/wiki - web presence, students own the learning
    Will Richardson - Social Technologies in the Classroom
(13:45 - ) learn 24/7,

What is not digital? Thinking? certain learning styles? stopping.

Going deep - beyond shallow tasking - this is what education has to do ??? How?

Kelly, Kevin (2005): How does technology evolve? Like we did.


Germs !! (Thanks Lauren)

3D animation and scripting -
        What else are we teaching here?

Podcasting with Garageband

Podomatic - where to put your podcasts (if you don't have Photostory or iPhoto)

Google Maps - making your own and exploring others

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